Welcome Back To The Jungle – 5/14/21 to 5/16/21

Welcome Back To The Jungle Front & BACK WEB

The world is opening back up and we wanna welcome you back in style with the first music festival in a very long time. Quite possibly the first music festival of the year, in over a year!
All campers are expected to wear masks in any of the group’s common areas. 6 ft of distance should be adhered to as much as possible. Campsite attendance is limited to 8 people per site. There is to be no one at your site that isn’t one of those 8 people at any point and time. Campers are not allowed to visit or spend time at any other campsite than their own. While at their campsite they will not be expected to wear a mask or adhere to social distancing with other members of their camping party. Hand sanitizers will be located throughout your designated camping area. We encourage regular use. Any bathroom must be occupied by one person at a time. Campers are expected to wait outside at a distance if they notice anyone in the bathroom they’re attempting to use. All trash is to be collected and returned to the front gate garbage collection area. RVs have an additional charge, and for them they have electrical hook up and can dump their sewage.
Common dancefloor areas will be shut down by 12am . They reopen at 10am. FOR THE DJS PLAYING : You must follow the same set of rules! Also, to all the DJs attending and/or asking for the opportunity to play. There will be some time slots available but they are for paying attendees. We’ve had a lot of people request to be “on the lineup” and while it’s not a problem to have you play, it is for DJs already attending. The lineup is otherwise full. Thank you for that interest, there will be more shows as the world opens up.
Use of the property is at campers’ risk. Everyone will be expected to submit a waiver to confirm they are aware of the rules and the risks inherent with camping. Proper ID and a 72hr covid screening prior to arrival or vaccination card is required. Campers must submit their name, phone number and email at the gate. This is to be used in case contact tracing is necessary. We strongly encourage campers to treat the threat of this pandemic seriously, and comply with distancing and sanitation guidelines. Campers are expected to perform a wellness check on themselves prior to leaving for the event. If any camper has a temperature or covid-19 like symptoms that are not allergy related they must not attend this event. Campers must social distance at all times as well as wear masks. There is no re entry!!! There is a kitchen on-site that will be serving food to order, as well as ice available at the gate. Be sure to come prepared for a weekend in the wood. There are NO SINGLE DAY PASSES.
The venue will do due diligence to disinfect and clean in order to prevent the spread of covid 19. We will not be responsible for anyone who contracts covid 19 and anyone attending this event does so knowing the inherent risks of being around small groups of people. These are the rules, please follow them. Let’s enjoy our time together again SAFELY. That is all, Welcome back

Tickets : Sales start on 3/14. Tickets will be limited, so online purchases are recommended. Prices start at $65 presale and go up as we get closer to the date, so grab them while they’re cheap!!! THIS EVENT WILL LIKELY SELL OUT IN ADVANCE DUE TO LIMITED ATTENDANCE RESTRICTIONS