Saturday, February 25 at 8 PM – 4 AM
Feb 25 at 8 PM to Feb 26 at 4 AM

John W. Higgins Armory

100 Barber Ave, Worcester, Massachusetts 01606
Tickets available:

We started this Junglist Massive back in 2015, so it’s still very much in it’s infancy. Somehow though, it’s manifested into something bigger than I’m sure most of you ever imagined it could be. Since “The idea was and always will be bringing together all Junglists world wide” we wanted to keep that same idea going by inviting MORE Junglists from around the COUNTRY to join in our festivities. We sent out the message from PA to LA and all around the USA for you, the New England Junglist Massive, that have come to dance the night away!! And our new spot, The JohnW. Higgins Armory in Worcester MA is the new home of our event. A venue that has been sought after for hosting events, yet until now has never been used for such a show. But more on that later….

Now I know you have all been waiting patiently.…..

Well wait no more!!!

Reid Speed – Los Angles, CA
Play Me Records
Play Me Too

Originating from the New York City underground Reid Speed is recognized worldwide as a highly skilled drum & bass DJ, as well as a pioneer of the multi-genre bass music movement. From her start at legendary NYC drum & bass store/label Breakbeat Science, to founding her own labels Play Me Records and Play Me Too, she has remained a fan favorite DJ. As a chart topping producer, Reid was seen as an instrumental player in the development of the North American Bass Music sound. She’s known for dropping blistering multi-genre sets that have inspired a generation of female DJ’s. With her keen ear Play Me has become a launchpad for more hot new artists than any other label of its kind, and helped to kick-start the careers of the likes of Dillon Francis, Must Die, Figure, Bare, Singularity, Cyberoptics, and many more. Reid was one of the few old-skool DJ’s who opened the door for women within electronic music, and continues to set the standard high for female DJ’s.

Danny the Wildchild – Chicago, IL
Premiere Artists Group

Danny the Wildchild has become one of the most valued drum & bass DJ’s in America. His unique blends of jungle and hip-hop beats, amazing scratching, and beat-juggling consistently rock heads in every corner of North America. His talents have brought him to perform alongside every major drum & bass DJ you’ve ever heard of, not to mention non dnb acts as well including: Eminem, Method Man, The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Moby, MixMaster Mike, and The Pharcyde. In the studio Danny is a prolific drum & bass producer with years of dance-floor melting experience, and a ferocious hunger to spread his original music across the globe. His tunes sound like his DJ sets and are written to be rinsed on the big systems…. When Danny’s in town, the ‘Jump Up’ goes down!

Subkillaz – San Diego, CA
G13 Records UK
Subway Soundz UK
Digital Terror Records NY, USA MurdaSound UK
Short Circuit Records UK Liondub International NY, USA 535 Recordings NY, USA
High R8 Digital UK
3 Flow Recordings UK

The pair’s combined talent makes their sound high quality and effortless, and they each bring their own unique style with musical influences all across the board. Their first solo 4-track EP “Eyes Bloodshot” on 535 Recordings earned them instant recognition with some of the biggest names in the game. Their “Street Series” EP on LionDub International displays the kind of hard-hitting talent and low-end feel we have come to expect from the duo. Sub Killaz wrapped up 2015 with their release on Logan D’s print Subway Soundz as well as began lining up their signing with G13 Records. Recently, their 4-track “Wolf Bite” EP on Digital Terror has received lots of love and is setting the tone for big moves and even heavier sounds in the coming year. Still fresh on the scene, the Sub Killaz are dedicated to bringing their heavy drum and bass style and jump-up roots to dance floors across the globe. With the recent winning of the award for Best Newcomer Producer via the North American Drum & Bass committee, it shows that now, more than ever, Sub Killaz are a force to watch out for.
Instragram: Sean_Subkillaz / Brian_Subkillaz


His name is synonymous with Chicago drum & bass, and for being one of the founders and president of one of Americas largest drum & bass music groups, the M.I.A. (murda In america). DELAMOTA got his start DJ’ing at after-hours and small underground parties in Chicago during the early 90’s rave scene. In 1998 he decided to start a production company called Sky High, and put on several shows with attendance as high as 8500 people in a three room venue. With his dedication to the dnb sound he’s managed to travel all over the United States, and has played in well over 25 cities in over 20 states, both headlining and DJ’ing along side some of the worlds top electronic music producers and DJ’s. He’s also held several residencies at some of the most prestigious clubs in Chicago playing strictly drum & bass music. He is well known for his diverse selection of party rocking dnb music, pulling from all flavors drum n bass and jungle music has to offer. His sets are always the talk of the night and the reason for the sweaty dance floor, and that is why he is one of the most watched DJ’s in the American drum & bass scene.

SHOEBOX – Denver, CO

Shoebox is a name mostly unknown; however, his radio project, record labels, and general passion for electronic music dating back to the demo-scene in the 90’s have led to some great accomplishments that have caught global recognition and allowed him the opportunity to open people’s minds to a unique array of underrated producers and artists.
DnBradio, formed in 2002 from his apartment in a tiny southern U.S. town, not only brought innovation to the pirate radio scene, but also became an effective outlet for fringe electronic music. Artists such as Amit, Fracture, Paradox, Fanu, Evol Intent, Ewun, Phace, and countless others, at that time, went mainly unnoticed by commercial UK radio; but found a common place on DnBradio’s playlists.
“Pirate radio always existed to give fringe music the airtime it deserved.”
As a pirate station, DnBradio prided itself on giving due respect to under-rated artists, and in turn opening people’s minds to something they never knew existed. This unique flavor quickly made the project a top destination for dnb enthusiasts.
Record labels Section 8 Recordings and Plush are the most recent label projects via shoebox — both labels have received continuous chart placements, features, and recognition on a global-scale in dnb/jungle/dubstep genres since 2007. On these labels, you’ll find a wide array of top draw bass engineers like: TRUTH, Stunna, 360joYnt, Quentin Hiatus, Nitri, iBenji, SPL, Megalodon, Baku, Olie Bassweight, and The Neft. On the harder tip — Sick Cycle, Culprate, Unsub, Depone, Current Value, Proton Kid, Hostage… and over 50 other artists.
In 2011, Shoebox took his DnBradio brand and partnered up with Maggie Despise from Recon, a local Denver promoter. The two combined forces to bring that underground flavor of drum & bass back to the city, and by 2013 the crew was awarded title of #1 Drum & Bass Promoter for the region (The Westword 2013).
“This complete journey has afforded me the opportunity to share the stage with some of most exciting producers of the decade including ICICLE, ASC, Ed Rush & Optical, Datsik, LTJ Bukem, Hybris, Sinistarr, and Total Science. I’m very proud.”

Twitter: @shoeboxdnb

Mighty Mike Saga – Philadelphia, PA

Back in 1988, at the age of 11, I first heard Rigor Mortis by A Split Second. Little did I know at the time that a song I heard in my youth on a local Texas college radio station would change my perspective on music forever. Electronic music then became a driving force in my life. From the raves and clubs I religiously attended in my late teenage years to the parties I promoted and organized in my early 20’s, the love of music, and the need to share that love with anyone that would listen led to my inevitable career as a DJ.
Ever diligent to expand my horizons, I began collecting a variety of electronic styles (ebm, darkwave, terror ebm, synthpop, etc.) Patiently I taught myself the art of beat matching and mixing these forms of music into my sets and by 2005 I was offered a residency at SHOCK THERAPY. Attaining a good reputation and the freedom to express myself creatively I began organizing events fusing EDM commonly played at raves with Gothic/Industrial music. The FULL MOON GATHERING and C.H.U.D. events of late 2005 are still fondly remembered by many as a huge success in bringing people from many musical tastes and backgrounds together in harmony.Opening new ears to the Gothic/Industrial sound caught the attention of a number of promoters. To my credit and honor I performed at DRACULA’S BALL, the largest Gothic/Industrial event in Philadelphia and usually play weekly at Philly’s longest running Gothic/Industrial/80’s alternative night NOCTURNE. I am featured in NYC frequently at the SMack! and Byte parties, and went on to play the BLACK SUN FESTIVAL II in New Haven Connecticut.
As a Dj I love what I do, and I am completely self promoted. I’m living my dreams of opening minds, and bringing the music I love to the masses! djmightymikesaga/

In alphabetical order

Diode (MA)
DJ Pfeif (MA)
Good Tymez (ME)
Insight (VT)
Miztah Lex (MA)
Pr0n (CT)
Rubix (MA)
Saint dirty[live PA] (CT)
Smash Tactics (CT)
Sneaker and the Dryer (MA)
Steppo (RI)
The Amen Ra Trifecta (New England)
Tonberry Hunter (MA)
Wisdom (NY)
Zack SantaBarbara (CT)

With MCs-

Elijah Divine
Josiah Scribes



Tier 1 – $15 (Limited until 1/14/17) SOLD OUT!!

Tier 2 – $20 (Limited until 2/4/17)

Tier 3 – $25 (Until 2/25/17)

Door – $30

Sound / Video wall by Supreme Sound & Lighting

Addition sound support by M.A.D.E. Productions

Vendors – Spitseed, Head Eaze, Metalweaver’s Creations, more T.B.A.

Hotels link to the event for discounted rates – T.B.A.