Val Dee : Boss, DJ, and Soundboy Extraordinaire

Val Dee

Boss, DJ, and Soundboy Extraordinaire

I started off just asking to hang out at the end of the night and help breakdown events so I could be involved. Slowly but surely I learned about how events were put on and I grew a strong interest in hosting them but with no clue as to "how". After 10+ yrs in this scene, I've learned my way and met the people involved. I've hosted my own events, and participated in the arrangement of others, be it sound or just to helping set up & breakdown. I love the idea of being a part of something bigger than myself and bringing joy thru music & dance!

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Leila : DJ



Leila has been spinning for only three years, but has been making big moves in such a short amount of time! Growing up in the middle of nowhere (Earlton, NY) Leila didn’t hear drum and bass until she was in college. She quickly fell in love and new that’s what she wanted to spin. In 2006 she bought herself her first set of tables & a stack of records and began spending 8 hours a day teaching herself how to spin. Within a month she had her first show and shortly after was asked to be part of DPIM Recordings.

She released her first demo in only 6 months and it was passed onto legendary turntablist/DJ Jen Mas(NYC). Mas chose Leila as the winner of the title of “best up & comer female DJ” in 2007 & gave her a shot to play at Women on Wax. Leila’s fame continued to grow and within the next year she won several other contests where partygoers got to choose which DJ’s they wanted to hear spin and her continued success with those events led to her being asked to be part of Spread the Word Productions & Konkrete Jungle New Haven. She has not only played KJ New Haven, but was the first20female DJ to play Konkrete Jungle Buffalo and Albany. She has also played the legendary Konkrete Jungle NYC, been a member of Konkrete Jungle Albany, second in command at Bass Camp Recordings and is currently helping to run DNBC (Drum and Bass Coalition) with longtime friend DJ Hokilla.

Leila has played at many different shows & radio stations all over the country and is known for bringing some of the hardest drum and bass beats in the northeast! She has recorded several live and studio demos which are available on her Myspace page: Newly appointed leader of DNBC(NY), and a member of M.A.D.E.(MA), Bass Camp Recordings (NYC), Fallen Angels Entertainment (AZ), Spread the Word Productions (CT) and - her high energy behind the decks and the evil grimy beats that she drops definitely make Leila's show something you don't want to miss!

Wisdom : DJ



If you haven't caught one of Wisdom's sets then you're missing out. He pours every bit of himself into every set that he plays. His flawless mixing and selection of everything from darkstep to jump up and back, are sure to leave you screaming for more. His combination of fist pumping beats, heart pounding bass, and mind-blowing tracks are guaranteed to get anyone on the dance floor to jump. If you're looking for a show that'll make you move, Wisdom is not to be missed!

Encee Fusion : DJ/ Lighting/ Sound

Encee Fusion

DJ/ Lighting/ Sound

Nate Cryder aka EnceeFusion has always had a love for DJing since age 15 when his dad introduced it to him by going to radio stations and since then has always been a part of his life. His first start DJing was at Amnesia in Wilkes Barre, PA and after performing at house parties. He performed at numerous parties with various types of music from Old School to New Age. His first introduction to Drum n Bass was going to underground parties in Scranton and Wilkes Barre, PA then followed by going to Philly parties. After leaving PA and moving to TX he steered off DJing and focused on other avenues. Started a family and later moved to NY. In NY he started gigs again and played Hip Hop, Latin, and House. Eventually moved to MA and was introduced to a crew called Beatdown Productions and started working with the crew and started spinning Drum n Bass. After joining Beatdown and M.A.D.E. Productions EnceeFusion performed several events; Accelerate, IceBreakers3, Summer Science, Drum and Bassmass, Strictly Underground Tuesdays, etc., having each set tell a story to capture his audience. His inspiration for the Drum n Bass scene came from many artists like AK1200, Aphrodite, Dara, DJ Rap, Dillinja and many more but most importantly from his fellow DJ friends. His motivation for spinning is a part of his life. It speaks to him; it moves him and in many ways encourages him to create mixes so his audience enjoys it as much as him.

Nondeskript : Junglist General


Junglist General

This is one selector you just don't want to test. The fact that he tears down dancefloors with top-notch technical skill is just part of the reason. This man's undying devotion to jungle and drum'n'bass music is one of the reasons that New England has emerged as the premier region for talent in the genre. "The Rush" has completed it's on-air reign of 9 years, featuring DJ talent from all over New England and beyond because of the collaborative efforts of Nondeskript and show creator Blacksquirel on WMUA 91.1 FM (Thursdays 10-midnight).

Armed with jungle and d'n'b of all varieties, along with original production and proper reggae selections, this man has shared the stage with such notable DJ's as Remarc, Klute, Ewun, and R.A.W., and has earned the respect of his contemporaries and die-hard drum'n'bass fans wherever he graces the decks.

Whether it be in his native New England, his new stomping grounds in Austin, Texas, or anywhere else on earth, expect nothing less than the best from the Nondeskript DJ.
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Elzwerth : DJ



Bio coming soon!!

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Sky 1 : DJ

Sky 1


Scotty aka "SKY 1" has been an avid music junky since the age of 12 and has been a part of many CT underground music scenes including metal, hardcore, punk, and ska. He got his first dose of electronic dance music in a high school study hall in 1992 by hearing Maurice - This Is Acid (K&T Mix). He attended his first underground rave in a huge warehouse in Poughkeepsie, NY in 1994 and occasionally went to parties until 1998. In 1998, while attending UMASS, Amherst, he was driving in a car with his then girlfriend and asked her what Jungle was. She quickly popped in a cassette tape of DJ DB--"Live at Bass Rush" and it was total love after about three minutes. Shortly after, he started going to parties more regularly in western Mass with friends from college where he spent most of his time in the Jungle room (and still does) watching DJs perform. In 2000, he was persuaded to begin spinning by a hip hop/dnb DJ friend for the simple fact that all new Drum N Bass tracks were coming out on vinyl. He bought turntables and a mixer and started his record collection happily playing in his home for a few friends but never playing out.

In 2007, after a five year break from dnb and the rave scene, SKY 1 attended a house party in Waterbury, CT which became known as The Dawg Pound. He quickly made friends with the DJs and was influenced to start playing again. He was also amazed to hear what Drum N Bass had evolved into and began buying new records. He played his first gig in Feb. 2008 at Cybervibe in Waterbury and has been playing parties in CT, NH, and MA ever since. He will always be thankful for the people who brought him back to his love of Drum N Bass and pushed him to spin for a crowd and not just himself. He takes great pride in his diverse taste of dnb and enjoys playing newer tracks from Liquid and Ragga to Tech Step and Neuro Funk. He is passionate about mixing up his sets with different genres of dnb so you're sure to hear something you'll like and keep you dancing the entire set.

Affiliates:Scorched Promotions, 413 DNB, M.A.D.E. Productions

Tryptophan : DJ/Producer



I fucking love music, in my ears, in your ears.
From an early age Tryptophan knew something Greater is on the horizon. His journey into the vast unknown depths of Drum and Bass and beyond, will astonish and amaze. Energetic similar to a Supernova erupting in the galaxy, his style is unique. Don't be fooled by the name, he will do anything but put you to sleep!
Favoring heavy Neuro, Rollers, Liquid. Digging to the darkest reaches of the cosmos for all the best unheard sounds. Other genres include Techno, House, Breaks, Swing, Jazz. His charm and wittiness will draw you into his Black hole, no need for alarm we're all Interplanetary relatives.
Side effects: Potential side effects of tryptophan supplementation include nausea, diarrhea, drowsiness, lightheadedness, headache, dry mouth, blurred vision, sedation, euphoria, and nystagmus (involuntary eye movements).
Hiding in plain sight, you may not see him wearing all that Camo. Enjoys bringing out joy in souls, making you laugh, being awkward. Traversing Space one Galaxy at a time.
T.C.C. : DJ



RIDONKULOUS… The only word that can describe Wally a.k.a. T.C.C.'s passionate love for music. His early exposure to Zeppelin and Floyd developed his love for rock jams as a child, but after listening to DJ Starscream mix jungle live with death metal band Slipknot did Wally first fall in love with the amen break. Eons later, T.C.C.'s unique style has swept the East Coast, and nothing has stopped him from spreading his sound like wildfire.

Although he stays true to his love for jungle and drum and bass, almost anything can be heard in his multi genre and diverse selection of records.

T.C.C. has been featured alongside many artists, such as Shortee, Freaky Flow, Terry Mullan, Hive, Venom, Delirium, Tech Itch, Dinco of Leaders of the New School, and TC Izlam. Wally's collaboration with his friends and family has made parties such as the Revelation and Forest Bump series to be well recognized all around New England. With his high energy sets, quick mixing, and intricate cuts, this selecta can only promise nothing but raging times and always provides his service… with a smile.

Rantah : MC



Bio coming soon!!!

Kevlar : DJ



Bio coming soon!!!!!




DL has been the breaks dj of western mass for over 10 years. Known for his scratchbox and cutting mixing style, and his countless impressive sets all over New England.

Affiliates: Beatdown Productions, M.A.D.E. Productions

Marc P : DJ

Marc P


DJ Marc Parent hails from Dallas(TX), Minneapolis(MN) and now New Haven(CT) combining heavy bass infused with melodies that harmonize and inevitably throw you onto the dance floor. His style brings an eerie balance of dark grit, rolling bass lines, and enchanting vocals. As a fresh face on the New England rave scene, Marc P has been bringing the sounds of Drum and Bass and Breakbeats to the southwest, the Midwest, and now to the east coast for the past twelve years. While only beginning to integrate into the New England rave scene since late 2012, Marc P is well on his way to dominating dance floors in the New England rave scene and eager to bring his new edge and style to the underground.
Affiliations: Showcase Records, M.A.D.E. Productions, Strictly Underground
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Lady G & Elixir : DJ/Producers

Lady G & Elixir


Bio coming soon!!!

Metaphysifunk : DJ/Producer



DJ and producer, Metaphysifunk, began DJing Drum And Bass in 1997, after many years of involvement in the New England rave scene. Influenced by the early Tech-Step movement and the Reinforced Records label. Artists such as Paradox and Alpha Omega became a huge inspiration on his style. Metaphysifunk began producing a few years latter, ranging in styles from D&B to Hip Hop/R&B to experimental and free improv. He is also a founding member of Lyrics Extremely Dangerous Productions, producing and engineering with emerging R&B artist Booshank.

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DJ Badboon : DJ and Web Nerd

DJ Badboon

DJ and Web Nerd

For over 5 years, DJ Badboon has been bringing the hottest wax & the latest imports in the world of drum and bass music to dancefloors & stereos across New England. Playing strictly vinyl, he is known for sets that bridge the diverse styles of dnb while always bringing a high-stepping, fun-loving vibe that will make you throw your knees in the air! Dj Badboon has opened for such global DNB icons as Marky, Dara, DB, Odi and A Sides, and is always looking for more events to smash so keep an eye out for this talented & versatile junglist! For more info, including booking, email or check out for new mixes and info on upcoming shows.